Taking Wisdom BackToSchool

Presented in 2011 by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance Church

This was the Back to School Sermon from 2011.

Through the years, the popularity of the Back to School Sermon has really grown. I remember less than a decade ago, I Googled, “Back to School Sermon.” There were none. But since then, pastors have addressed this important topic regularly. Google the phrase today, “Back to School Sermon,” and you will get thousands of hits. It kind of shows you that we’re on to something in presenting this kind of message every August.

In the text we’ll be addressing here, Solomon, the wisest who ever lived, tells us to get wisdom. That is something that students will want to acquire, but it’s probably not something most schools will teach.

What does wisdom mean? What is the wisdom of which he speaks?

This podcast looks at how wisdom from God can help you as you go back to school.

2009 Back to School Message…

Originally presented in 2009 at Curwensville Alliance Church

I’ll never forget how ill-equipped some of the kids I went to college with were.

University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning

Oh — not academically. They knew their stuff in that area. And not socially. They did fine making friends. And financially… it was like money grew on trees, for some of them.

Still, many of them were completely unprepared for what they were going to face as they went from their high schools to the university setting.

This message is designed to give students some tools to use when they are confronted by some of the less-academic (and often less-than-honorable) challenges provided by the college environment.

Back to School Sermon…

Back to school clothes, bookbags, gym clothes, supplies… The preparation list goes on and on.

Every good parent and every good student makes all the preparations diligently. But what about spiritual preparation? Is there any need for students to prepare their hearts spiritually for the school year? Continue reading